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Phone Line Faults

                       Telephone Faults
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Phone Line 
To Check Yor Telephone Line Click Image Below

BT's Owned Network 

Virgin Phone Line Faults Test 

Broadband Check 
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Broadband Speed checker Test

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Contact Numbers Directory

08442 414 141
TalkTalk: 08700878777
Plusnet: 0845 1400080
BE: 0808 101 3430
AOL: 0844 499 5555
Tesco: 0800 2851892
Post Office: 0845 600 3210
BT: 151
Madasfish:0844 395 0830



Phone Line  Faults      
Crackling on Line
Noisy Line
No Dial Tone
Phone Rings Once
Phone Not Ringing  Continuously rings
Phone Cuts Off

If your Telephone Line Fault is not listed, dont worry, these are just some of the most common ones



Slow Broadband Speed. Page Freezing.
Connection Dropping.
No Broadband.

 If your Broadband Fault or Broadband Problem is not listed, dont worry these are just some of the most common ones



As an Ex BT Telephone Engineer and Openreach Broadband Engineer I now offer my own Telephone Line Faults, Repair Service - Phone Line Faults as an Independent Telephone engineer ,for your Home Telephone services or Office Telecoms Network. So if you have a Phone Line Fault or Bad Broadband Connection problems you are at the right place. All Home Telephone & Broadband Wiring Faults resolved,Guaranteed

I charge around HALF the cost of the leading service providers. For Example:

Price Guide Example BT MyPhoneGuy
Standard visit charge / Call Out: £130.08 £65.00
Hourly Rate: £102.00 NO hourly Charge

You can contact me direct on: 07925 365332

   Monday – Saturday 6.45am to 9.15pm
Sunday – Bank holidays 9 am to 5 pm

Telephone Line Fault  Finding & Repair
It is your service providers responsibility to maintain your phone line wiring up to your master socket. From the telephone master socket in is your responsibility to maintain. I can diagnose any Phone Line Faults on your home Phone Line Service and Repair or replace any of your Sockets and wiring.

If you are having problems with your broadband Line or Fault, like. Line keeps dropping out or slow connection speeds, then it may well be your internal wiring at fault. I can repair this or re-arrange your wiring to increase your speeds.

Some simple things you can do:
Check your home phone is not at Fault; try a different phone in the Phone socket. Check also your Extension Sockets in the same way. Once you have tried this and are still experiencing problems then this could indicate that you may have damage to your Home Telephone Wiring or Phone Socket or a Telephone Line Fault. After you have done your basic Phone Line tests, Then test your Phone Service by clicking one of the links on the right, These will Test your Telephone Line free of charge, Contact your service provider. Then If they tell you your Telephone Line Fault or Broadband Connection Problem is at your property, then you can call me: Steve 07925 365332 Remember: I charge Half the cost of all leading service providers.

                    Your Local Broadband Engineer 
If you are looking for a local broadband engineer to deal deal with your internal broadband problems then you are at the right place. As an Openreach Engineer i worked for and on behalf of all internet service providers.


·         Telephone Broadband Engineer BT

·                Telephone Broadband Engineer Openreach

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Sky

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Talk Talk

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer AOL

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Tesco

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Plusnet

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Orange

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer BE

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Post Office

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Virgin

      ·         Telephone Broadband Engineer Madasafish

And many more.......

I offer a Telephone Line Fault Repair Service, For Home Broadband or Phone Line Faults. Iwill always try to fit you in on the same day you

To help you understand why you are not receiving your maximum broadband speed from your internet service provider and why your bandwidth and connectivity is going to struggle, I have compiled two documents in laymans language for the non technical to follow.On the left you will see two tabs titled, Master Telephone Socket and wireless Broadband, If you wish to improve your quality of experience and have an understanding on how to improve your home broadband service, then my 1st suggestion would be to read both

Ever wondered why your neighbour receives more or less broadband speed than you!

 If at any time you realise you need to book my services,then you can call me direct..    

Your home telecoms network starts at your master telephone socket, If you have one!

My Phone Guy, Telephone Line Repair Services are available for anyone experiencing a Phone Line Fault with their Telephone Wiring or Broadband Connection Problem. .
For All Residential Telephone Line Faults & Residential Broadband Faults.
Having worked for BT & Openreach for a little over 22 years I have been fully trained in the all areas to work within your property. I also obtained L1,L2,L3 security clearance to work at Royal Locations & Events, Military sites,Gatwick & Heathrow airports and many other sensitive an high profile residential cusrtomers.

Telephone Engineers - Telephone Faults - Telephone Extensions - Telephone Line Repairs - Phone Sockets - Phone Line Repairs – Telephone ExtensionsHome Phone Line Fault Broadband Connection Problems – Master Telephone Socket – Local Phone Engineer. If you’re looking for a Local Telephone Engineer in Surrey, Local Telephone Engineer in London, Local Telephone Engineer in Berkshire or a Local Telephone Engineer in West Sussex Then give me a call or check out my Areas Covered page.