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My Phone Guy Local Telephone Engineer.

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I have over 22 years experience in the Telecoms industry as a BT Telephone Engineer and Openreach Broadband Engineer. I am now a Sole trader, trading as an Independent Local Telephone Engineer  With far fewer overheads I am able to offer you a more personal quality of service at Half The Cost of all leading service providers. I provide New Telephone Sockets / Data Sockets and a Telephone Line Fault Repair Service for your Home Phone Line or Broadband Connection on any Home or Office Telecoms Network.

You can contact me direct on: 07925 365332

Monday – Saturday 6.45am to 9.15pm
Sunday – Bank holidays 9 am to 5 pm

Price Guide Example BT MyPhoneGuy
Standard visit charge / Call Out: £130.08 £65.00
Hourly Rate: £102.00 NO hourly Charge

The quotes I give are all inclusive - Including parts and labour

While working for BT I gained L1, L2, L3 security clearance for Royal Locations & Events, Military sites (USA & UK), Heathrow - Gatwick airports and many other sensitive sites to include high profile residential clients. All my credentials can be checked at BT 81 Newgate street, London EC1A 7AJ

My aim now is to help residential customers and small businesses who tend to get the raw end of the deal, whether it's inexperienced engineers or on price. Feel free to read some of my reviews or leave a review.


Local Telephone Engineer  & Local Broadband Engineer

My Phone Guy, Telephone and Broadband Services are available for anyone experiencing a  Phone Line Fault with their Telephone Wiring or Broadband Connection Problem. . New Telephone Sockets and Telephone Extensions for Sky and other Home Telephone Engineer Services or Broadband Services. Data Extensions or Ethernet Sockets to Phone Sockets for your Broadband Gaming and other Broadband Connection Problems.
Move Shift Master Telephone Socket and Improving your Broadband Speed. Anything Telecoms Regarding your properties home or office network wiring.

Some useful information

Troublesome calls - There are normally
two types:
  1. Unsolicited calls
    Organisations or companies who persist in calling you and you do not want to receive. How do you stop this? You Need to Register with the Telephone Preference Service, TPS. This would make sure your Telephone number is not available to organisations who make these kinds of calls. For more information and to register Free, click:
  2. Malicious and Nuisance calls
    These types of calls are classed as: Obscene or Abusive language, or personal threats to you. If you are a victim or have been rec

    eiving nuisance and/or malicious phone calls, Then call one of the service providers phone numbers to which your phone line is being provided from.
Nuisance Call Advice Line

BT: 0800 661 441
Virgin: 150 or 0800 953 3333
Sky: 08702 404040
TalkTalk: Click here

Telephone Engineers - Phone Faults - Telephone Extensions - Telephone Line Repairs - Phone Sockets - Phone L
ine Repairs   Phone Socket Extensions – Home Phone Line Fault  Broadband Connection Problems – Master Telephone Socket   Local Phone Engineer. If you’re looking for a Local Telephone Engineer  in Surrey, Local Telephone Engineer in South London, Local Phone Engineer in Berkshire or a Local Phone Engineer in West Sussex Then give me a call or check out my Areas Covered page.

Local Telephone Engineers

Local Telephone Engineer?

Local Telephone Engineer is a telecommunication engineer located locally to where you live, they are responsible for providing telecom services in your home and small businesses. A local telephone engineer is responsible for repairing your home telephone line service and installing new telephone sockets, Call 07925 365332.

Local Telephone Engineer. Click here to see a local telephone engineer.

Local Telephone Engineer Near Me?

To find a local telephone engineer near you, Just call a Local telephone engineer by locating your engineer from the area you live in. For example: A google search using, "local telephone engineer" Followed by (Town).

To find a local telephone engineer. Click here to locate an engineer.

How much does a local telephone engineer cost?

how much does a local telephone engineer cost will depend on which local telephone engineer you choose, they all will charge a fraction of the cost than what your service provider will charge.

Cost of local telephone engineer.Click hereto see a price guide.

Local Telephone Engineer in My area?

Local telephone engineer in my area, can be arranged by calling the engineer direct or visiting website.

Arrange for a local telephone engineer in my area. Click here to call direct.