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Extension Phone Socket Carelone Phone Socket Telephone Socket Extansion Service, Phone Extension Services, Phone Sockets can be needed for many reasons, you may need a Telephone Extension or Phone Sockets for Community Alarm, Care Alarm socket You may have a house alarm that requires a Phone Socket or simply moving your Home Master Telephone Socket around to better suit your needs

Re Wiring Relocation of existing Phone Sockets, tidying up wiring, relocation of Internal and External Wiring, Shift or Move Master Telephone Socket, Relocate , Whatever you need a Telephone Engineer for, you are at the right place.

Some Personal Advice When choosing which equipment to use, Which Phone Sockets or Phone Wiring Cable to use, you need look no further than what the major Telephone service providers are using, because you can rest assured that they have spent time and money in finding the best products to use. I use the same supplier as BT / Openreach. You can also be assured that I have been given some of the best training by BT, Would you ask a plumber, electrician or an alarm engineer to install your Telecoms Services! Or would you like an expert Telephone Engineer Trained by one of the top leading service providers (BT) at Half the cost. The DIY Phone Services and cables may be super cheap, but they are super cheap for reasons, for a high quality long lasting Telephone Services and Broadband Services, choose the same as the best. My aim is to offer you flexible appointments to suit your needs and time commitments; if you have a Fault with your Telephone Services or a Broadband Problem Then click here for Faults.

All My Sockets are white; if you would like a different color or texture / Design, please contact me first for advice.

My Phone Guy, Telephone Socket Installation Services are available for anyone with a Phone Line or Broadband service, Including Phone Wiring or Broadband Wiring. .Having worked for BT Openreach I have been fully trained in the all areas to work within your property.

Move Master Telephone Socket?

You can have your Home Master Telephone Socket moved around to better suit your needs,MyPhoneGuy for further help

Community Alarm Socket?

A Community Alarm Socket can be provided by a Local Telephone Engineer 07925 365332,

Openreach Master Telephone Socket

Phone Socket For House Alarm?

A Telephone Extension or Block terminal can me provided by a Local TElephone Engineer 07925 365332,

BT Master Telephone Socket

Keep Phone Extension Working with Fibre Broadband?

With your Fibre Broadband or Digital Voice (FTTP) located at your home address, you can no longer use your exsisting extension sockets around your property, unless you contact a local telephone engineer who can make these work for you. A phone line socket with FTTP may be needed for your house if you have a Care alarm, House Alarm or prefere the basic hard wired phone next to your bed or other location. which either you choose, this can be done.

Dial Tone Home Hub or Router

The Home Hub or Router now comes with the dial tone at the rear of the box, not from your telephone socket. So your internal house wiring connected to the extension wiring will be made redundant. This is not helpful if you need one or more of your current phone socket extensions to continue to work? This is where a local telephone engineer can help you in this situation.

There are many un helpfull misdirections on the web about how to go about making things work. For example: would you ask a plumber to fix your electrics or an electrictio to fix your broadband ? There are many, many experts out there, but why not speak direct to the local telephone engineer about your Telephone or Broadband Service.

House phone wiring after broadband FTTP installation?

Keep your house phone wiring and extensions after you have had your new FTTP Broadband installation, This is worth keeping if you plan on using it for something that you would require a phone socket for. If you remove your phone home wiring and it was connected to something you was using, then this is going to cause some issues when having to replace or repair the phone wiring

Phone Line Socket With Broadband?

Avoiding any broadband issues or ringing problems with your phone socket, you would be better off contacting a local telephone engineer. Do Not Remove the wiring unless you are fully aware of what it is Not connected too. If you do inadvertently dissconnect your home phone wiring, then there is no need to panic, again a local telephone engineer can resolve any issue at your home