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No Dial Tone Help Advice

       Help Is Here

There Are Only Two Reasons Why You Get No Dial Tone But Your Internet Still Works. You Either have a External Line Fault or An Internal Fault.

 How To Prove The Fault

There Is Only One way To Physically Prove You Have No Dial Tone In Your Home.

If You Have Only One Master Telephone Socket Like The One Pictured On The Left, Then You Can Test For No Dial Tone.

On The Front You Will See Two Little Screws, 
Undo Those Screws and carefully Pull The Bottom Half Of The Face Plate Away (Out)
I say Carefully Because Attached To It, Is Your Internal Wiring.
Once you Have Detached This Extension Plate, You Will See Another Phone Socket On The Plate Behind. 
This Is Your Demarcation Point Between Your Wiring And Your Service Providers Wiring.
Now Plug A Working Phone Into That Phone Socket, 

If No Dial Tone 
Then Contact Your Service Provider, It Is There Responsibility To Repair Your Phone Service Free Of Charge Up Too That Point, Socket, Your Demarcation Point...

If You Get Dial Tone
Then You Have An Internal Phone Line Fault, Which Is Your Responsibility To Repair....

You Can Call Your Service Provider Who Will Send An Openreach Engineer Out At £130 For the Visit, Plus £102 Per Part Of Hour Plus The Cost Of Parts !!!

You Can Call Me!


 Here On The Left Is A Picture Of Master Telephone Socket - Test Socket - Your Demarcation Point






            No Dial Tone On Phone 
                              But Internet Works

               Click Here Test Your Broadband Speed


                            Call Me Direct: 
                 Steve, 07925 365332

       go to Phone Line Faults and test your Phone Service

         Do a Self Check In Your Master Telephone Socket

    Locate Your Mater Telephone Socket 

                        This Is What It Looks Like

                         Master Telephone Socket 

                          Unscrew The two Screws

Behind you will see a Test Socket, Plug your Phone Into The Test Socket and See If You Have Dial Tone. If you Do Get Dial Tone Then You Can Call Me..
If You Do Not Get Dial Tone In The Test Socket, Then It Is Down To your Service Provider To Fix

If You Do Not Have This Type Of Socket with a Line across the Middle,  Then You Do Not Have A Correct Master Socket!
The Test Socket Which Is Located Behind The Bottom Half Front Plate, Is Your Demarcation Point Between Your Phone Wiring And Your Service Providers Wiring.

If Unsure What to do, You can always give me a call And I'll Talk you through it.

                        Test Your Phone Socket

                        Master Telephone Test Socket<<<<<<<<<<<<
  You Can See The Test Sockect Here Above

Telecoms Engineer charging Half Price to repair Phone Line Faults, NO Dial Tone or Slow Broadband Speed

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